Meet Narae Lee!

Professional TrainingLee, Narae
University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music

Competitions & Awards
2014: Hilton Head Piano Competition, Participant
2013: Nanpa Music Competition (Korea), Third Place
2012: Samick-Seiler Piano Competition (Korea), First Place
2011: Seoul Philharmonic Competition (Korea), First Place
2011: Sungjung Music Competition (Korea), Third Place
2011: Music Chunchu Competition (Korea), Second Place
2010: Korea Chopin Competition (Adult Division), Second Place
2009: Osaka International Competition (Japan), Second Place; 21c Artist Award and Uppermost Performer of Grand Final Stage
2008: International Chopin Piano Competition, Encouragement Award
2008: Korea-Germany Brahms Competition (Korea), First Place
2008: Korea Czerny Society Competition, Grand Award
2008: Seoul Music Competition (Korea), Bronze Medal
2008: Korea Mozart Competition, The Highest Award

Korean-born pianist Narae Lee began to play the piano at the age of 7 and made her official debut at the Rising Young Stars Concert a year later.  As a winner of the Seoul Philharmonic Concerto Competition, Ms. Lee made her orchestral debut with Seoul Philharmonic the 18th Annual Concert at the National Theater of Korea in 2009.  As a soloist, she has appeared at the New Artists Series Recital, the Samick-Seiler New Artists Concert at Youngsan Art Hall, the Korea Mozart New Year’s Eve concert at Mozart Hall, and as part of the Music Education Newspaper Competition Winners Concert. Ms. Lee recently performed with the CCM Philharmonia Orchestra, and has won numerous national and international prizes.


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