Performance Day Routine

 Frederic-Chiu-by-Chris-Craymer.vby 2014 Cincinnati World Piano Jury Member Frederic Chiu

Performance day “routine” is something that I’ve tried to avoid thinking about, because in my experience, it rarely goes according to a routine. Once I had to change in a taxi coming from the airport and run directly onto stage to play a live radio show!

If I had to describe my ideal, it would be to sleep until 10, eat a huge lunch at 2, rehearse at 4, talk to the tuner and listen to the piano being tuned, then 7-8pm concert. And of course dinner and a glass of wine at 10. Sometimes, I think that dinner is the reason I go through it all!

But what if I have an afternoon concert, or I have a masterclass in the morning, or the hall schedules a rehearsal for another group in the afternoon, or I have to travel that day, or I’m meeting someone for lunch, or I have to do an interview at the radio? So many things disrupt the “routine”.

For me, the worst situation is a concert near home. It’s hard for me to stay away from my home “routine” and pretend that I’m at a hotel away from home and focused.


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