Inspiring Performances at Carnegie

A note from Mark W. Ernster, Chief Executive Officer
On Saturday, October 4th, the Cincinnati World Piano Competition presented 29 talented young musicians in their Carnegie Hall debuts.
These young people were medalists in the 2013 Young Artist Division competition held in Cincinnati, and this recital was the big payoff for a lot of hard work. On the stage, their continued growth was apparent and impressive – it was a rainy day in New York City, but the music making truly brightened the day.
2014 Artist Division finalist Reed Tetzloff was in attendance, as were fans of the Cincinnati World Piano Competition from as far away as Denver! The gentleman from Colorado that I spoke with was so excited to share that seeing so many talented pianists in one performance in such a famous hall was on his bucket list. Weill, one of the most storied halls in all of New York, was buzzing with excitement as player after player stepped on stage, gave a big smile, and played honestly and with energy.
Events like these remind me of why the Cincinnati World Piano Competition is not only important for our community, but important for young people across the United States. These young people are role models, and they are going out into the world spreading the good word of the Cincinnati WPC.

Weill… was buzzing with excitement

It was an inspiring day to be sure, and I want you to be a part of these events as the Cincinnati World Piano Competition becomes a big part of even more young people’s lives. To find out more about how you can support the Cincinnati WPC’s community and educational efforts, please visit today.
– Mark W. Ernster, Executive Director

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