Meet Hyun ji You!

Name: Hyun ji Youhyunju
Originally from: South Korea
Last school attended: Indiana University
Notable performance: Performances at the 13th Euro Music Festival in Prague

Hyun ji You began studying piano at the age of 8 and from an early age received First Prizes at a number of piano competitions in Korea. At age 11, she entered Ye Won Middle School, one of the most respected arts schools in Korea and in 2002 she entered the prestigious Seoul Arts High School.

In 2004, Ms. You won many prizes from a number of piano competitions including First Prizes at the Kyung-Won University Competition and the Eum-Yeon Competition, and Second Prizes at the Osaka International Competition, Segye Ilbo Competition, and Eum Ak-Chunchu Competition. She has participated in festivals including the 13th Euro Music Festival in Prague, Busan International Music Festival, the Spain Tenerife Music Festival, and the Berlin Music Festival.

After graduating from Seoul Arts High School, Ms. You was granted early admission to the Seoul National University for her outstanding academic performance.  Ms. You has competed in the World Piano, Wideman International, Louisiana International, Hamamatsu International, Russian International, and Queen Elisabeth piano competitions.

Ms. You studies at Indiana University where she is currently working on an Artist Diploma.


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