David Rakowski: Selected Etudes

David Rakowski is probably best known for his cycle of 100 piano etudes. The the cycle is difficult, or in Rakowskis words “it’s not just hard, it’s damn hard, or in Maine, wicked had,” however audiences and seasoned pianists have gravitated to the works. With fun names like “Silent But Deadly” (38), “Sixth Appeal” (39) and “Plucking A” (13) it’s hard to not want to hear what Mr. Rakowski has captured on pen and paper.

The etudes available to pianists this year include:

Etude #11: Touch Typing
Etude #14: Martler
Etude #21: 12-Step Program
Etude #25: Fists of Fury
Etude #28: You’ve Got Scale
Etude #30: A Gliss is Just a Gliss
Etude #33: Sliding Scales
Etude #40: Strident
Etude #61: Menage a Droit
Etude #68: Absofunkinlutely

Check out this video of Amy Briggs playing “Absofunkinlutely.” Amy has been one of the pianists championing these pieces – working to record all 100.


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