Van Cliburn Wraps Up

The Cincinnati Enquirer’s Janelle Gelfand has been in Fort Worth, Texas for the last week observing the final round of the Fourteenth Van Cliburn International Piano Competition. Her blog can be found here. There are photos and stories about the energy surrounding the experience – each entry is worth a read. The Cliburn has established itself as an important event for classical music enthusiasts, young and old. Twitter and Facebook have been exploding with excitement about the competition, and the new emphasis on social media and digital streaming has allowed the “Van Cliburn culture” a tremendous reach.

The World Piano Competition would like to congratulate:

Vadym Kholodenko – first prize, best chamber music performance and commissioned work
Beatrice Rana, Italy – second prize
Sean Chen, US – third prize

Please, visit the Van Cliburn site and watch these fantastic artists. Be excited for them, be proud of them, and plan how you want to be a part of the energy here in Cincinnati.


First Round: July 8–9 @ 9am
Second Round: July 10–11 @ 6pm
Finals: July 13 @ 7pm
Tickets on sale now.


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