New Beginnings

Big goings-on here in Cincinnati!

The revitalization of the World Piano Competition has been in the works for quite a while now, and this blog is one part of our effort to have a larger online presence. Until the contestants are selected on May 1st, we will use this blog to update you all on the combined efforts of the World Piano Competition office, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, both located at Music Hall, as well as the CCM Summer Programs office, located here at the University of Cincinnati. The Summer programs office is lucky enough to have the privilege of welcoming the competition to beautiful Corbett Auditorium, CCM Village, this July.

Once the contestants are selected, we will have stories about the competitor’s backgrounds, aspirations and experiences here in Cincinnati. Until we can get information to you all about the contestants, we are working on putting together materials on the incredible judges we have lines up to adjudicate this summer. This information will go up on the beautiful, which will also be expanded to include information on ticket prices, alumni news and event details.


In 2012, Alexander Yakovlev took home the gold medal and performed Beethoven’s 4th concerto with orchestra. Beethoven premiered many of his piano works himself, and the 4th concerto was no exception. It was warmly received in 1808, but fell out of public favor until 1836 when Felix Mendelssohn resurrected the work.


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